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We are excited to announce our new video series exploring and explaining the intricacies of New York No Fault for the Practitioner. We are breaking the series down into twenty (20) short (5-10 minute) videos that are topic specific for any medical practitioner who has an interest. Each video is independent but collectively provide a good general overview of the New York No Fault System and how to successfully and profitable practice within it. We hope you enjoy.


If you have any specific questions about your practice, your patients or need assistance with the complexities of No Fault, please reach out to us at (516) 307-1350.


The video topics will include:

  • What is no fault?

  • Profitably Practicing in the No Fault System

  • Medical Documentation to Achieve Success

  • The Fee Schedule and Billing - A Practitioners Guide

  • Timing Issues in Billing

  • The Verification Process - How to Tame the Unruly

  • The No Fault Denial

  • Insurance Carrier’s Rights & Responsibilities

  • The Patients Rights & Responsible

  • The Practitioner's Right's & Responsibilities

  • The Examination Under Oath of the Provider

  • The "Independent" Medical Examination

  • Collecting on Your Denied Claims - Arbitration or Litigation

  • The Arbitration Process

  • Policy Violations and Policy Exhaustion

  • Business Decisions & Decision Making

  • Medical & Administrative Employees

  • Corporate Structure & Corporate Compliance

  • Practice Strategies for Success and Profitability

  • Statute of Limitation Issues

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